Cloud Native Fundamentals Scholarship Program

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I started the course late and was a bit worry that I wouldn't catch up. However, the Technical Mentor support, Slack Community members and my classmates worldwide are an inspiration, always motivates and encourages me as well as happy to assist with any issues I faced, I have reached all lessons and really enjoying the course.

How are you doing so far in this course and community in relation to your original motivation?

My original motivation was to learn more about Cloud Native Application Architecture using Microservices and Containers (Kubernetes, Cloud, etc.). I have already used ad hoc all the concepts in my project development, without any training.

So, it is very good to get scholarship and learn the concepts in a logical lessons and deeper about Cloud Native Application Architecture

I finished the lessons, quizzes, exercises, etc. on time. Hooray! Then I applied a suite of development practices within my real world application, packaged it with Docker and distributed it through DockerHub.

Next I deployed application Kubernetes cluster and Declarative Kubernetes Manifests or Imperative Configuration resources. At this stage, I was comfortable using k3s to bootstrap a lightweight and functional Kubernetes cluster. I created Helm template configuration managers to implement the parameterization of Kubernetes declarative manifests.

Last I setup Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) with GitHub Actions and ArgoCD and completely automate the release process for my application.

Are you on track/what you expected and hoped for? If not, what can you do to get there?

Yes, I am on track. I completed the course last week and was wait for filling Spring #2 commitment form. I expected to learn deep dive more about Cloud Native Message Passing, Observability, Microservices Security in phase 2 of program. The journey of learning has been excellent till date. I am very glad I did!

What has helped you succeed and stay motivated/succeed thus far?

The Technical Mentor support and Slack Community members are very friendly. Discipline to make some progress report daily (SCRUM) and together with the well organized lessons helped me to keep going.

Reading announcements from Udacity, watching the recordings for the Program Orientation have been disciplined and managed my time effectively in order to prioritize my learning and not letting work take over my study time.

My classmates within the Slack Community are a fantastic source of motivation. I learned something new from them daily.

I can't wait to learn more and more!

Thank you Udacity & Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) for this fantastic & excellent opportunity.

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