Create a Spotify Playlist with Terraform

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Check out the Spotify playlist that I built with Terraform for HashiCorp Summer of Learning!


Terraform version 1.0+

Docker Desktop

Spotify account with developer access

Prepare Code

terraform {
  required_providers {
    spotify = {
      version = "~> 0.1.5"
      source  = "conradludgate/spotify"

variable "spotify_api_key" {
  type = string

provider "spotify" {
  api_key = var.spotify_api_key

resource "spotify_playlist" "playlist" {
  name        = "Terraform Summer Playlist"
  description = "This playlist was created by Terraform"
  public      = true

  tracks = [

data "spotify_search_track" "by_artist" {
  artists = ["Ed Sheeran"]
  #  album = "‎÷ (Deluxe)"
  #  name  = "Perfect"

output "tracks" {
  value = data.spotify_search_track.by_artist.tracks


spotify_api_key = "..."




# Local .terraform directories

# .tfstate files

# Crash log files

# Ignore any .tfvars files that are generated automatically for each Terraform run. Most
# .tfvars files are managed as part of configuration and so should be included in
# version control.
# example.tfvars

# Ignore override files as they are usually used to override resources locally and so
# are not checked in

# Include override files you do wish to add to version control using negated pattern
# !

# Include tfplan files to ignore the plan output of command: terraform plan -out=tfplan
# example: *tfplan*

Install the Spotify provider

In your terminal, initialize Terraform, which will install the Spotify provider.

Make sure you already installed Terraform. If not you click on this link to follow this guide.

$ terraform init

Create the playlist

Now you are ready to create your playlist. Apply your Terraform configuration. Terraform will show you the changes it plans to make and prompt for your approval.

$ terraform apply

Follow this tutorial to build your own.

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