Proof of Concept

Truong, skills

I enabled my clients to amplify the message and maximize outreach. Furthermore, I also played the role of a consulting product manager. From identifying the market opportunity to creating specifications to developing a Proof of Concept (POC) to collaborating with the engineering team, I can manage the entire product lifecycle.

Finance Technology

To keep myself relevant and current, I regularly pursue industry certifications.


FE $NAP Cash Loan & Credit Card iOS


FE SHIELD - Insurance App iOS

Travel Technology

Travel Technology (also known as TravelTech, travel-tech) Azure DevOps

Insurance Technology

Insurance Technology (also known as InsurTech, insur-tech) Azure DevOps

Cloud Commerce

Cloud Commerce (E-Commerce) Azure DevOps

Payment Technology

Payment Azure DevOps

Lending Technology

Digital Lending Azure DevOps

Property Technology

Property Technology (also known as PropTech, prop-tech, and real estate technology) Azure DevOps

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