Behind The Scenes of My Website Redesign

Truong, articles

I’ve just gone live with the brand new updated version of the website.

I’ve split up the content from the old blogger website to separate About, Photos and Posts pages.

I took this opportunity to organize good site structures and add new contents to my portfolio page including recent articles, accomplishments as well as some new projects.

I’ve also used some new skills such as architecting scalable applications based on Cloud Native Architecture (Containers & Microservices) to develop the new website including using BACK-END (Next.js), FRONT-END FRAMEWORKS & LIBRARIES (React JavaScript and a library called Nextra). It allows me to write Markdown and focus on the content of my site.

As always, It’s a work in progress (WIP) so I’ll keep adding and changing things to keep website up to date.

I am looking forward to your Ideas & Feedback, thank you very much!

Truong (he/his/him)

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